Social Media Management

Managing social media profiles for your business is more than just having an account on every platform out there. Social media has evolved to becoming your first, widest, and largest form of engagement with your target audience. 

Our social media strategies can help you grow your fan base and reach out to new prospects:

Add credibility to your business and show that you care. Be up to date on recent events and holidays! Engage with your audience on relevant topics and those that they care about! Make a real connection that will let them know that yours is a brand that they can rely on. We will make your social media page a venue for interacting with the people that matter most to your company: your customers.

Maintain a strong relationship with regular customers. Your relationship with your customers should not end after every purchase. We will create and maintain relationships between your brand and your customers past and present. This is not just to make sure that they will come back to you, but to make sure that they keep a positive memory of your brand.

Humanize your social media presence. Social media is not just about the endless sales pitch. Our social media management team will transform your social media accounts to be more than just an updated billboard but also to be a place of active, up to date, and sincere engagement between your brand and your market. We will make meaningful connections, inspire thoughtful discussions, and represent the personality that you want your brand to be known for.

What type of content do we post on social media?

  • Articles and news items relevant to your products/services
  • Call to actions and promotions
  • Entertaining content
  • Holiday greetings
  • Company news and events

Our Process

  • Know your brand. We will go beyond the goods/services and get to know the core of your brand to make sure that the kind of representation you will get online from our social media management team reflects your company’s personality.
  • Know your target market. We will research into the market demographic that your business is targeting to maximize engagement and to make sure every post you have will pique your target market’s interest.
  • Create social media strategies. We will plan and direct the kind of engagement your company will have on social media by strategizing on the content, frequency, and timing of posts to reach out to the most audience and to get the most reactions.
  • Profile branding and presentation.
  • Custom post designs and content production. Come up with well-planned, well-designed text and graphic posts for your account.
  • Engagement monitoring. Man the keyboards and screens to make sure that every response is accounted for and used as a tool to further improve your social media success.
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